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UniRx — PowerObservables


  • Familiar with Observer pattern
  • Hands on any Rx library


PowerObservables are set of time-based operations with ability to pause and possibility to manage tick freqeuency

Why Power Observables

  • Easy access to time-based operations
  • Timers / Countdowns based on TimeSpans
  • Ability to pause an observable using another observable (i.e. BoolReactiveProperty)

Power Observables


Observable sequence that produces a differed time value for certain duration with ability to pause and resume. Completes when there is no time left.

It’s pretty usefull when it comes to

  • Limit time in Arcade Games
  • Countdown before race start when you want to prompt “3, 2, 1, GO”
  • Damage overtime — every tick deal 10 damage to player, on complete remove debuff
	.Subscribe(OnTick, OnComplete)
Sequence: Countdown(3) → 2 → 1 → done with 3rd tick


Observable sequence that produces a value after each period for certain duration with ability to pause.

	.Subscribe(OnTick, OnComplete)
Sequence: TimerInterval(3) → 1 → 1 → done with 3rd tick


Returns an observable sequence with aggregated time since subscribe with pause option

	.Subscribe(OnTick, OnComplete)
Sequence: CountedInterval() → 1 → 2 → 3 → 4 → 5…


Returns an observable sequence with aggregated time since subscribe. Lasts for certain duration. It’s the same concept as Countdown but reversed. Instead times go up from zero. It completes after certain duration.

	.Subscribe(OnTick, OnComplete)
Sequence: TimerCountedInterval(3) → 1 → 2 → done with 3rd tick

How To Use

Simple use case scenario below:

var pause = new BoolReactiveProperty(); // create UniRx ReactiveProperty to manage pause

	.CountedInterval(pause, tick: 1f) // you can provide the freqeuency of ticks
	.Subscribe(time => 	
		// every tick 
		// 00:00 ...
		// 00:01 ...
		// 00:02

pause.Value = true; // interval will stops
pause.Value = false; // interval will resume from previous point

Unity Installation

Since unity doesn’t support git dependencies in package.json you have to install UniRx manually. Edit manifest.json file in your Unity Packages directory

	"dependencies": {
		"com.gbros.tools.unirx.powerobservables": "[<https://github.com/GbrosGames/Tools.git?path=Assets/UniRx/PowerObservables>](<https://github.com/GbrosGames/Tools.git?path=Assets/UniRx/PowerObservables>)",
		"com.neuecc.unirx": "[<https://github.com/neuecc/UniRx.git?path=Assets/Plugins/UniRx/Scripts>](<https://github.com/neuecc/UniRx.git?path=Assets/Plugins/UniRx/Scripts>)"

Unity Examples

All code samples can be found on our GitHub page

Example 1 - Counted Interval

This example shows how to create Interval observable that will return TimeSpan in the cumulative way. It shows the way of refreshing the UI. It also shows use case for BoolReactiveProperty from UniRx library to manage pause/resume functionality.

Example 2 — Countdown

This example shows how to create, restart and refresh Countdown and how to manage subscription and completion methods in observable.

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